At lungtadefancy, the big secret of our success today is due to the fact we take the best part of the british traditional way for tayloring, going for extra mile and pay attention to details to meet the highest standard.

We believe this service is very important for us to offer to all our customers. Everyone has different figure, height and body shape therefore it should not be one size fits all for all designs depending on the style of the garment if it is meant to be over-sized look or fitted sexy look to be tailored properly just for you according to your unique measurement.  This counts especially for dresses/gowns and suits.

Bringing our 7 stars luxury boutique service to online store, every single garment can be tailored according to your own measurement and requirement to achieve that perfict fit and look.

Yes absolutely with no doubt, every single garment you choose from our online boutique can be tailored , the bespoke ordering service is also available. You shall see the option to change the measurement on your way to check out before placing the order with us if there are changes to be made or just simply order a completely new garment for the same design but in your measurement. You will see our editorial video it tells you how to measure and where to measure to get the accurate measurement of you if this is the first time for you to visit lungtadefancy.

  1. 1Goto Shop and choose Gowns / Dress / Jacket / Tops
  2. 2On product page, you see the custom / standard form fill them details and submit order
  3. 3We will review your mesurements and make the dress as per your request
  4. 4We will currier it to you !